how to make pizza sauce

Gambar Name : Pizza Sauce Yield : 1 kg Ingredient : 1 kg tomato concase  120 gr tomato paste 30 gr chopped garlic 10 gr basil leave 10 gr oregano black pepper ground 60 ml olive oil salt Method : Saute garlic in the olive oil, finely chopped basil leaf and oregano Add tomato paste and keep cooking Add tomato concase and cook until soft Season with salt and black pepper ground

How To Make Pizza Dough

Gambar Name : Pizza Dough Yield : 10 Sheet Ingredient : 1 kg hard flour 500 ml water 1 pcs egg 90 ml olive oil 20 gr instant yeast 15 gr salt Method : Put all ingredient in mixing bowl Mixing for 10 minutes, until dough is elastic Portions the dough into 150 g each Let it rest under a wet cloth approx 15 - 16 minutes Roll dough and ready for baking

How To Make Hamburger

Gambar Name : Hamburger Yield : 10 Portions Ingredient : 1,2 kg beef ground 300 gr white bread 100 ml milk 200 gr onion chopped 100 gr garlic chopped 2 pcs egg salt and pepper as you like nutmeg powder as you like 300 gr iceberg lettuce 20 slice tomato 150 gr mayonaise Method : Soak the bread with milk, place the meat in a mixing bowl Saute onion and garlic Mix all ingredients well, shape into 10 portion burger meat Saute in fat until well done. arrange burger bread, lettuce and tomato

How To Make Club House Sandwich

Gambar Name : Club House Sandwich Yield : 10 Portions Ingredient :  30 pcs sandwich bread 300 ml mayonaise 300 gr lettuce 300 gr tomatoes 300 gr grilled bacon 300 gr boiled chicken 300 gr slice boiled chicken 10 slice cheddar cheese Method : Clean iceberg lettuce and cut into quarter, wash and drain Apply mayonaise on the side of bread Arrange lettuce, tomatoes, chicken breast, and bacon on the bread Cover the sandwich with other slice of bread Arrange boiled egg, cheese on the bread closed with other slice of bread Cut the sandwich on triangle in quarter, serve with potato chip and coleslaw

How To Make Croque Monsieur

Gambar Name : Croque Monsieur Yield : 10 Portions Ingredient :  15 pcs white toast 5 pcs  cheddar cheese 5 pcs ham 20 gr butter 100 ml bechamel sauce Method : Spread the bread with butter then toast using toaster. cut the bread with ring cutter to make a round shape Sear ham until crispy Prepare bechamel sauce by making the roux from butter and flour, then add the milk. stir continously until the sauce thick, seasoning with salt and pepper. strain. Arrange the sandwich fill with cheese and ham, make double decker sandwich. Pour the bechamel around the sandwich, sprinkle with parmesan cheese, burn with torch gun to make caramelize effect

How To Make Gazpacho Andalouse

Gambar Name : Gazpacho Andalouse Yield : 10 portions Ingredient : 2 clove garlic 50 gr bread 10 ml olive oil 5 pcs tomato 1 pcs red pepper 1 pcs cucumber 20 ml balsamic vinegar salt and pepper Granish : 10 gr onion (dice) 1 pcs tomato (dice) 30 gr cucumber (dice) Method : Soak the garlic and the bread with the olive oil. let stand for 10 minutes Add the tomatoes, cucumber, and peppers to the bread mix with the vinegar and stand for a further 10 mins Blend to a puree and season well. add chilled water if the mixture is too thick Put an ice cube in each bowl. ladle gazpacho over and let the diners help themselves to garnish

How To Make Coleslaw

Gambar Name : Coleslaw Yield : 10 Portions Ingredient : 1 kg white cabbege 90 ml white vinegar 250 ml mayonaise 100 ml heavy cream 20 gr chopped parsley 250 gr shraded carrot 30 gr sugar 1/2 pcs romaine lettuce 1 pcs fresh tomatoes 1 pcs fresh lemon salt and crush black pepper Method : Shraded cabbege and carrot Marinated with salt and pepper. (2 hours), than squeeze to remove the water from the cabbege Mix mayonaise with cream, salt and sugar Mixing all ingredients with the dressing, add chopped parsley Arrange in a bowl garnish with lemon wedges, celery leave/parsley