how to make pizza sauce

Name : Pizza SauceYield : 1 kgIngredient :1 kg tomato concase 120 gr tomato paste30 gr chopped garlic10 gr basil leave10 gr oreganoblack pepper ground60 ml olive oilsaltMethod :Saute garlic in the olive oil, finely chopped basil leaf and oreganoAdd tomato paste and keep cookingAdd tomato concase and cook until softSeason with salt and black pepper ground

How To Make English Muffin

english muffin

ingridient :
  1. 250 gr strong flour
  2. 4 gr instan yeast
  3. 2,5 gr sugar
  4. 2,5 salt
  5. 125 ml milk
  6. 62,5 ml water
  7. salad oil
method of cooking :
  1. mix flour and sugar in the bowl
  2. add salt & instan yeast. stir well
  3. and than, add milk and water. stir well again
  4. after that, put in the tray and wraping it. let it rise for 1 hours
  5. next, flattned and cut using around cutter. let it rise again for 30 minutes
  6. finally, grill back and forth then oven for 20 minutes


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