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how to make pizza sauce

Gambar Name : Pizza Sauce Yield : 1 kg Ingredient : 1 kg tomato concase  120 gr tomato paste 30 gr chopped garlic 10 gr basil leave 10 gr oregano black pepper ground 60 ml olive oil salt Method : Saute garlic in the olive oil, finely chopped basil leaf and oregano Add tomato paste and keep cooking Add tomato concase and cook until soft Season with salt and black pepper ground

how to make demiglace sauce

Demiglace Demiglace yield : 2 ltr ingredient : 2 kg veal/beef bones 150 gr flour 200 gr onion  100 gr carrot 50 gr celery 1 bunch bouquet garnie (leek, thyme, paraley, bay leaf, rosemery) 30 gr vegetable oil/butter 150 gr tomato paste 30 gr red wine 5 ltr brown stock method of cooking set oven 220°c roasting bone for 20-30 minutes until brown all the side dust with the flour until brown melt the butter in a stock pot, saute the mirepoix until brown add the bouquet garnie add the tomato paste deglaze with red wine add brown stock reduce the volume into half by simmering strain trough fine chinois

how to make brown stock

Brown stock brown stock yield : 3 ltr ingredient : 2 kg beef or veal bones 4 ltr water 250 gr onion 125 gr carrot 125 gr celery 1 tsp black pepper corn herbs (leek, thyme , rosemery, parsley , bay leaf) method of cooking : set oven 220°c  put the bones in a roasting pan, and cook in the oven for 20 - 25 minutes until brown on all side melt the butter in stock pot and saute the mir e poix until browned add the bones, and remaining ingredient add water and bring to the boiled and skim the surface simmer for 2-3 hours cook slightly, than strain allowed to cold

how to make fish stock

FISH STOCK fish stock yield : 5 ltr ingredient : 2 kg fish bone with head 5 ltr water 125 gr onion 50 gr carrot 50 gr celery 30 gr butter 50 ml white wine herb sckp nya (bay leaf, pepper corn, parsley stem, cloves) method of cooking : wash bone into cold running water remove any black skin, and blood saute mirepoix in butter add fish bone, cover and let sweat for a few minute deglace with white wine, simmer until half unit add water and let them to boiling simmer for 45 minutes, than strain

how to make white stock (chicken, veal and beef bones)

HOW TO MAKE WHITE STOCK White Stock (found blanc) (chicken, veal, beef) yield : 4 ltr ingredient : 2,5 kg bones 5 ltr water 200 gr onion 100 gr carrot 50 gr celery 20 gr leek 20 gr thyme 5 pcs bay leaf paraley sckp nya method of cooking : cut the bones into small pieces wash bones into cold water blanched the bones in the hot water cover again with cold water and re boil add merpoix and bouquet garnie bring to the boil, skim the surface simmer for 1,5 - 2 hours cook lightly than strain, allow to cold