how to make pizza sauce

Name : Pizza SauceYield : 1 kgIngredient :1 kg tomato concase 120 gr tomato paste30 gr chopped garlic10 gr basil leave10 gr oreganoblack pepper ground60 ml olive oilsaltMethod :Saute garlic in the olive oil, finely chopped basil leaf and oreganoAdd tomato paste and keep cookingAdd tomato concase and cook until softSeason with salt and black pepper ground

how to make veloute

Butternut Squash Velouté Recipe - Great British Chefs


Yield : 1,5 ltr

Description : thick sauce mixture of roux with white stock

Ingredient :

  • 60 gr butter
  • 60 gr flour
  • 1,2 ltr white stock

Method pf cooking :

  • Melt the butter and add the flour and stir well
  • Cook for a few minutes without colouring  (roux)
  • Cool the roux, gradually add the boiling white stock
  • Stiring constantly  until smooth and boiling
  • Allow to simmer
  • Pass trough a fine conical strainer
  • Standart of quality : the sauce should be taste smooth and thick

Note : name of velouté will be made by basic of the stock



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