how to make pizza sauce

Name : Pizza SauceYield : 1 kgIngredient :1 kg tomato concase 120 gr tomato paste30 gr chopped garlic10 gr basil leave10 gr oreganoblack pepper ground60 ml olive oilsaltMethod :Saute garlic in the olive oil, finely chopped basil leaf and oreganoAdd tomato paste and keep cookingAdd tomato concase and cook until softSeason with salt and black pepper ground

How To Make Hamburger

Hamburger Hot Dogs Recipe is a Fun Twist

Name : Hamburger

Yield : 10 Portions

Ingredient :

  1. 1,2 kg beef ground
  2. 300 gr white bread
  3. 100 ml milk
  4. 200 gr onion chopped
  5. 100 gr garlic chopped
  6. 2 pcs egg
  7. salt and pepper as you like
  8. nutmeg powder as you like
  9. 300 gr iceberg lettuce
  10. 20 slice tomato
  11. 150 gr mayonaise

Method :

  1. Soak the bread with milk, place the meat in a mixing bowl
  2. Saute onion and garlic
  3. Mix all ingredients well, shape into 10 portion burger meat
  4. Saute in fat until well done. arrange burger bread, lettuce and tomato


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