how to make pizza sauce

Name : Pizza SauceYield : 1 kgIngredient :1 kg tomato concase 120 gr tomato paste30 gr chopped garlic10 gr basil leave10 gr oreganoblack pepper ground60 ml olive oilsaltMethod :Saute garlic in the olive oil, finely chopped basil leaf and oreganoAdd tomato paste and keep cookingAdd tomato concase and cook until softSeason with salt and black pepper ground

how to make Samosa With Curry Sauce

Yield : 20 portions
Description : in east india are snacks fried, triangular pastries filled with vegetables
Ingredient :
  1. 40 pcs samosa dough
  2. 200 gr mashed potato
  3. 200 gr carrot
  4. 200 gr green peas
  5. 100 gr chopped onion
  6. 50 gr chopped garlic
  7. 1 ltr air
  8. 1 pcs egg
  9. 250 ml curry sauce
  10. cumin, curry powder, salt and pepper
Method :
  1. wash, peel and cut carrot into small dice
  2. heat a saute pan add oil, saute onion, carrot, garlic and green peas until tender add mashed potato, stir well.
  3. seasoning with cumin, curry powder, salt, pepper, and correct the seasoning.
  4. remove from the heat and let it cool samosa filling ready to use.
  5. take one pieces of samosa dough, stuffed with samosa filling, spread  in side with egg yolk.
  6. frying until golden brown, and serve hot with curry sauce
  7. garnish with tomato and parsley.


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